We know you have questions when it comes to car care.

Trust our team at T&B to have solutions !

We are a complete full service auto and truck repair facility.

Our ASE / Diesel certified mechanics offer expert diagnosis, general repairs, tune-ups, tires, brake inspections & more.


At T&B we also specalize in heavy duty truck diagnostcs and roadside repairs.

Come to our repair facility for friendly service, quality repairs and a familiar face.

Dropping off your car for repair and need a ride back to work? We’ll help to make your day a little less stressful by trying to accommodate your transportation needs!

This is just a small effort that we make to ensure each customer is highly satisfied with our services.

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Auto & Truck Repairs

Ford, GM, VW, Audi, Diesel
We service all makes and model cars, trucks & SUV's including Diesels - at T&B Motors.
Call Us: ​​​(860) 423-1187​
What We Do

Routine Repairs

Oil Changes


Air Filters

Fuel Filters

Cabin Air Filters

Windshield Wipers

AC Air Conditioning 
Ignition Systems

Electrical Shorts

Lighting & Bulbs

Cooling Systems
Oil / Fluid Leaks
O2 Sensors


Catalytic Converters

Coolant Flushes
Fuel Pumps
Ball Joints
A Arms
Wheel Bearings
Tire and Wheels

Intake Manifold Gaskets

Ignition Coils
Fuel Injectors

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
Exhaust Gas Leaks Recirculation (ERG) Valve
Spark Plugs

Glow Plugs
Mass Air Flow Sensor
Catalytic Converter
Fuel Caps
Oxygen Sensor

AAA Approved Auto Repair CT
Service Location

T&B Motors 

460 Storrs Road

Mansfield CT 06250  


Phone: (860) 423-1187

Shop Hours


Monday – Friday
8:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday 8:00am – 1:00pm


24/ 7 Emergency Servces 




Emission Tests: Cash Only $20.


EFS Checks

ATM Debit Cards





Truck Diagonstics & Software
AAA Approved Auto Services
AAA Approved Auto Repair CT
Cars, Autos & Truck Repairs
T&B Provides Routine Service & Repairs

Oil Changes, Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Cabin Air Filters, Windshield Wipers, AC Air Conditioning,  Ignition Systems, Electrical Shorts, 

Lighting & Bulbs, Cooling Systems, Oil / Fluid Leaks, O2 Sensors, 

Exhausts, Catalytic Converters, Batteries, Coolant Flushes, Fuel Pumps, Alternators, Ball Joints, A Arms, Wheel Bearings, Tire and Wheels, Intake Manifold Gaskets, Ignition Coils, Fuel Injectors, 

Engine Coolant, Temperature Sensors, Exhaust Gas Leaks,  

(ERG) Valves, Spark Plugs, Glow Plugs, Mass Air Flow Sensors, 

Catalytic Converters, Fuel Caps, Oxygen Sensors, Emission Testing, and most repairs for all Cars and Trucks; Including Diesel and commercial trucks.

2015-2019 T&B Motors Inc.  Mansfield CT 


Get  top rated auto and truck repairs in WIndham CT​

Auto Repairs, Towing, Heavy Truck Diagnostics, and Roadside Service for the following areas;


WINDHAM CT - TOLLAND CT - 06280    WINDHAM - 06279    WILLINGTON - 06226    WILLIMANTIC - 06269    STORRS MANSFIELD - 06268    STORRS MANSFIELD - 06266    SOUTH WINDHAM   06265    SOUTH WILLINGTON - 06264    SCOTLAND - 06256    NORTH WINDHAM - 06251    MANSFIELD DEPOT - 06250    MANSFIELD CENTER - 06247    HAMPTON  - 06242    EASTFORD        




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